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About Our Photography and Prints

We are two photographers based in the North East of England. Our prints of Newcastle, Edinburgh, Liverpool and other places from around the UK are available to purchase from us as matt prints and in some cases to license for commercial use.

This website showcases our photography that is available to purchase as prints. The collection of prints include vibrant views of architecture and cities from around the UK. We also have prints available of St Marys Lighthouse on the North East coast of England. The galleries currently focus on prints of Newcastle, Edinburgh, Liverpool and St Marys Lighthouse currently however we will be adding in more galleries over the coming years.

Much of our city photography is photographed at dusk and is timed to reflect the magical moments which the natural light creates during the transition between daylight and night. During this time cities and buildings change to become illuminated and are often vibrant in colour and mood. We feel that our images reflect these moments of natural and artificial light blending.

Our aim is to photograph and showcase more high quality prints of Newcastle along with new work of scenes from the UK coastline and forests.

Cameras and Printing

The images are all photographed using either high resolution digital cameras or film cameras. In the case of film based systems our work is scanned and digitised. Our images can be styled using colour and montage techniques in post production. However some of our images are more 'raw' in their feel and style. Some of our seascapes are shot with time exposures to add drama to the motion of the sea and movement of the waves.

We offer digital C-type prints, printed on matte photographic paper for us by a professional lab. These prints can be finished in a variety of ways by a professional picture framer. This gives you the oppertunity to frame the prints to compliment your room interiors and gives flexibility to your choice on how the print is framed.

Recently we have begun to photograph scenes on Nikon D800 and D810 DSLR cameras with Nikon and Sigma lenses. We have photographed scenes on other cameras in the past including Mamiya medium format with Phase One digital backs and also Sony DSLR Cameras.

Cityscapes and skylines are the main subject in our prints, and although this emphasis will likely stay, we are intending to shoot more landscape work in the coming years. The cityscapes are particularly well represented in our galleries from Newcastle, Liverpool and Edinburgh in Scotland.


All of the prints presented in our gallery are photographed by Lawrenson and Grebby Photography LLP. This photographic style has emphasis on vibrant scenes of dusk including prints of cities during the blue hour.